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Pleasant Inc. works with Business Associates to bring its state-of-the-art Services to the marketplace.



Pleasant Inc. works with Business Associates to bring its state-of-the-art Services to the marketplace. Pleasant Inc. Consultancy, a company with a vision of worldwide operations with a accurate and committed services, is building a global network of best-of-breed technology and service partners to provide accurate service to its most valuable clients.

We understand that to achieve growth and satisfy a range of client, we must rely on the wealth of knowledge, technical and service expertise that our business associates provide. We have partnered with respected organizations to be our business associates, thereby leveraging us to reach the optimum functional and technical standards, and to meet the needs of client’s world wide. We are thankful to all our business associates who have been with us, advising us to enhance their knowledge base, supporting our activities, products, and solutions to reach different markets.

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